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Quotations about
Arizona Universities

Welcome to my page of quotations about Arizona colleges. I'm a bit of an odd hybrid — in addition to community college, I also attended both the University of Arizona and Arizona State. It's like I'm my own rival. 😂 But also kinda cool because whichever team wins the Territorial Cup each year, I can be happy. Although truly, I'm a Wildcat at heart. Bear down!  —ღ Terri

...the University of Arizona, a very fine school, well liked and spoken of by everybody that knows about it. ~Will Rogers (1879–1935)

The Tempe Normal School is the oldest Territorial educational institution in Arizona, being established in 1885. Tuition is free to all students who enter the Normal with the intention of completing the work leading to graduation in either the professional or the academic course. A fee of $5 per quarter, payable in advance, is due from all students who desire to engage in work of a special or irregular nature. The necessary outlay for books and stationery varies from $10 to $15 per year. Examination paper, pens, ink, pencils, and the like are furnished the students without expense. It will be noted from the foregoing that the Territory of Arizona provides the advantages of a first-class education at an expense to the student not greatly in advance of that incurred by the average young man or woman at home. ~Twenty-Sixth Annual Catalogue of The Tempe Normal School of Arizona for the School Year 1911–1912  [Renamed in 1958 to Arizona State University, or ASU, the Sun Devils. Available athletics for the 1911 school year were tennis, basketball, track, and baseball. Quotation a little altered. –tg]

The Arizona Normal College at Flagstaff has an invigorating climate at an altitude of 7,000 feet and at the foot of the San Francisco Mountains, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, prehistoric ruins, and its nearness to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Canyon Diablo, and the petrified forest and other natural scenic wonders to which excursions are made, make it an especially attractive place for a summer school. ~Annual Report of the Governor of the Territory of Arizona, 1911 September 15th  [Northern Arizona University, or NAU, the Lumberjacks –tg]

The University of Arizona is ably conducted and has achieved an excellent reputation, not only throughout Arizona, but in neighboring States. It is located near Tucson, one of the largest towns in the Territory. The university was established in 1885 and opened to students in 1891. The site selected is upon high ground about a mile from the business center of the city. On every side it commands a view of mountain scenery of remarkable extent and grandeur. There is no charge for tuition in the university. All students are required to pay upon entrance a matriculation fee of $5. ~Report of the Governor of Arizona to the Secretary of the Interior, 1900 September 1st  [That sure wasn't the tuition when I went to the U of A 90 years later! –tg]

If it isn't Thor coming to get me, it's one of the Olympians. Remember that story last year? Apollo was offended by my association with the Arizona State Sun Devils... So he was coming in his golden chariot to shoot me full of arrows... The Greek deity of the sun being offended by an old Druid's tenuous relationship with a college mascot on the other side of the globe. ~Kevin Hearne, Hounded, 2011  [Fear the fork! –tg]

Even better than the low god density in Arizona is the near total absence of faeries. I don't mean those cute winged creatures that Disney calls "fairies"; I mean the Fae, the Sidhe... each one of them as likely to gut you as hug you... They have all sorts of gateways to earth in the Old World, but in the New World they need oak, ash, and thorn to make the journey, and those trees don't grow together too often in Arizona. I have found a couple of likely places, like the White Mountains near the border with New Mexico and a riparian area near Tucson, but those are both over a hundred miles away from my well-paved neighborhood near the university in Tempe. I figured the chances of the Fae entering the world there and then crossing a treeless desert to look for a rogue Druid were extremely small. ~Kevin Hearne, Hounded, 2011

The purpose of the University of Arizona is to provide the inhabitants of this Territory with the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches of literature, science, and the arts, and so far as possible a technical education adapted to the development of the peculiar resources of Arizona — agriculture, the mechanic arts, mining, and metallurgy. ~Report of the Governor of Arizona to the Secretary of the Interior, 1904 August 18th

The first big college football game ever staged in Phoenix took place at the Indian School today, the contestants being the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona. The U. of A. team was accompanied by a large number of students who came on a "Wildcat" special with the University band. The pupils were all admitted free and sure enjoyed the treat. The yelling of the Arizona rooters was a joy to the fans. The best yell was the imitation of a wildcat which was a hair-raiser. The Arizona yell leaders made quite a hit in the morning parade in town, giving Phoenix a taste of college life. ~P. A. V., "Big Football Game at Phoenix," The Native American, 1916 December 9th  [Go Wildcats! —tg]

I love Tucson (UA); it's so clean compared to the concrete campus of ASU. I mean, how can you resist the green of the mall and beauty of the mountains! ~Nancy Eliscu, quoted in the University of Arizona Desert yearbook, 1982, edited by Eleanor McDaniel and Suzan Johnson

The wildcat... has much skill and ingenuity. The wildcat shows us we must think, must use tact, must be shrewd when we set out to do anything. ~“Pawnee Beliefs,” Myths and Legends of the Great Plains, selected and edited by Katharine Berry Judson," 1913  [Sincere apologies for any potential sacrilege in using the quote this way, bending the context in attempting to refer to UofA students and staff. Hi, Dad! Smirk. –tg]

Back in 1897, when ASU was then known as Tempe Normal School, the mascot was The Normals. Two years later, the school toughened up their image by changing the mascot to the Owls of Tempe, and later to the Bulldogs. It wasn't until 1946 that the student body voted on changing its mascot to the Sun Devils. The school hired Berk Anthony, an employee of Walt Disney, to design the signature symbol of Sparky that is still used today. ~Emily Holexa, "The Face Behind the Mascot: The Real Life of Sparky the Sun Devil," The Devil's Tale,, 2005

ASU West is the first state university in Arizona to be planned and built in this century. We are an institution of the future, with the future in mind. ~Vernon Lattin, Vice President and Provost of Arizona State University West, as quoted by Lynn Adair, "Arizona State University's West Campus," in Arizona Highways, September 1989,  [My alma mater! — well, one of them, anyway. For a couple of years in the mid-90s, I was a fixture in Fletcher Library. —tg]

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