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Quotations about
the State of Arizona

Almost everyone in the world knows something about Arizona, and some of it is even true. ~Jim Turner, Arizona: A Celebration of the Grand Canyon State, 2011

The Arizona desert takes hold of a man's mind and shakes it. ~David W. Toll, "Bristlecone to Saguaro: The Story of Arizona's Trees and Forests from Timberline to Desert Floor," Arizona Highways, 1971,

Something of far-away and long-ago lives here,
That neighbors graciously with modern trends...
~Grace Meredith, "Arizona Impression (Tucson)," in Arizona Highways, June 1952

I turned off my tape-recorder and just sat looking at him for a moment, this strange time-traveller from the year 1890 or so, who remembered when there were no cars, no electric lights, no airplanes, no state of Arizona. ~Stephen King, It, 1986

You know that Arizona is going to really be understood and get somewhere some day. ~Will Rogers, 1932

God lives everywhere — but — He vacations in Arizona. ~Joseph Stacey, "Drive America First," Arizona Highways, 1973,

We've had Eastern tenderfeet here before. And never was there a one of them who didn't come to love Arizona. ~Zane Grey, The Call of the Canyon, 1924

The area that is now southern Arizona and northern Mexico was known by the Spanish as the Pimería Alta, or Upper Pima Country, named after the natives of the area whom the Spanish called Pima. Within this area was a place that the Spanish called Arisona, Arissona or Arizona... The use of the term Pimería dates from the late seventeenth century, first appearing on a 1696 map prepared by the indefatigable explorer Fr. Eusebio Kino. The term appeared on eighteenth century maps, and on a few early nineteenth century maps. The name Pimería was one of five names proposed for the new Territory of Arizona established in 1863. and

Arizona is more than what newcomers expect …more than cowboys, indians …a desert filled with beauty …a contrast of climates... ~University of Arizona Desert yearbook, 1982, edited by Eleanor McDaniel and Suzan Johnson

Nowhere on this planet is the desert as fascinating as it is in Arizona. ~Joseph Stacey, "The Incomparable Desert," Arizona Highways, 1973,

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